Concrete Reality
is a division of
Checker Tile Limited
2012 Ervin Johnson Drive
Darlington, WI 53530

608.776.3290 (fax)
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We have built a reputation on creative, unusual design and installation.
In 1997 Concrete Reality was formed as a division of Checker Tile Limited, a company formed in 1987 and devoted to high-end custom stone and tile installation. We have built a reputation on creative, unusual design and installation.

Our work over the years includes the installation of hundreds of slab countertops, mostly in granite, marble and limestone, and now also in concrete. Many stone fabrication tools and techniques are used in concrete fabrication.

The traditional craft of marble setting and tile setting involves the use of custom formulated, reinforced concrete substrates called mortar beds. These methods require a firm grounding in and understanding of the nature of reinforced concrete. That knowledge of the medium of concrete, combined with experimentation with pigments and form designs has resulted in the product we have been producing since 1997.

We relish the creative process, and while we will respect your design, collaboration with the client or the clients designer or architect is encouraged. Often the synthesis of our perspectives results in a piece that would never have happened without multiple collaborators.

Let us turn your countertop dreams into Concrete Reality.

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